What We Invest In

We’ve pulled together everything you need to know about Ankona, how we invest, what we invest in and how to raise money from us.


We look for 5-15M SaaS.  B2B.  Invest $5-$10M.  Lead.  Prefer vertical.  Shy away from health IT, infrstruture, etc.  


Our Evaluation Criteria


Proof of Product Market Fit

We dig deep to understand your customers by segment and why they buy.  And we look for founders with deep customer insights and the discipline to focus where the pain is most acute.  


Poised for Growth

We look for a vein of gold we know we can mine to get to scale and sustainability without betting on new products or markets.  And we look for unit economics and retention numbers that warrant an investment in growth.  


Positioned to Succeed

We pay close attention to culture and a founder's ability to build a high performing, inclusive team.  


Postive Influence & Alignment

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Our Process

Fundraising is hard, stressful, and inefficient.  one of the hardest and most stressful stages of running a company. It takes time and energy away from what you really want to be doing. We deeply respect your time and we want you to get started as soon as possible.

You should look to be introduced by a mutual connection.  Or try LinkedIn.  If you are a company in our investment profile, we'll respond!

Each step gated by a partner meeting, where the whole team discusses each investment.  Held twice/week on Mondays and Wednesdays.

We'll provide fast feedback.  Help where we can't invest. 

Frequent check-ins with hypothesis - where we're stumbling and what we need to believe to  

Link to SaaS metrics worksheet. 


Week 1

Intro Call

We will typically schedule a 30 minute intro call to get acquainted and to learn a little about your background, story, and needs.  The goal is to make sure we're mutual fits - business, financing requirements, and vision. 


Week 2


We'll schedule a 60-90 minute deeper dive with a 2-person deal team.  We'll focus here on your customers, their needs, and why they buy.  We'll want to see a product demo as well as to start looking at growth efficiency and unit economics.  


Weeks 3-4

Early Diligence

We'll dig into your data room, and we'll ask you to fill out our SaaS metrics worksheet.  We will start doing our own research, including calls to experts in our network (but not to your customers).  

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